Hidden Fashion - Meet the hot designers of tomorrow. Discover hidden gems and boutique shops all over Europe with fashion adventurer and former Miss World Tatiána Kucharová. Follow her on a personal journey far away from the glitz and glamour of high fashion, finding stunning but affordable one-of-a-kind items.

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Format  HD 13x30 min  
Language English  
Producer Apsara Arts Agency  
Year of Production  2016   

Navajos - Between Arizona and New Mexico you can find the biggest self-sustaining reservation with Native Americans. Those modern Navajos battle with education and high technology to sustain their small nation of 265.000 people. The Navajos show their how they combine their traditional way lifestyle with the hightec of our time in a unique way. The movie also impresses with beautiful landscapes.

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Format HD 1x45 min
Language German and French
Producer Smartmovie
Broadcaster   Arte
Year of Production  2013

Out in East Berlin – Lesbian and Gays in the GDR - In 1968, paragraph 175, which made homosexual behavior punishable by law, was abolished in the German Democratic Republic. But the ‘workers’ and farmers’ state’ did not exactly welcome its gay and lesbian citizens with open arms; their sexuality was taboo and they were often marginalised from public life. “Out in East Berlin” tells the various, impressive-to-absurd personal histories of gay men and lesbians during socialistic GDR until the fall of the Berlin Wall.  

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Format HD&SD 1x96 min
Language German 
Producer Galeria Alaska Productions
Year of Production  2013
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