The trip of a lifetime to create the ultimate fashion statement and win!

The show where 4 contestants compete to create the best outfit of the week. Dropped off in an unknown town. our 4 dedicated fashionistas are given the outfit theme and then just 3 hours in which to be back at the taxi with all of the items need to complete their outfit. The only catch - their budget is 0! They can beg, barter or borrow to get what they need to win. Back at the studio, their progress is followed on screen by the judges, making comments, watching the clock and waiting for the fashionistas to appear and strut their stuff on the catwalk. Can the contestants create heavenly looks in time, are they fashion-savvy enough, do they have the confidence to go-for-it  and win?

An engaging and interactive format with plenty of jeopardy, competitiveness and plenty of fashion.

60’ episode or 30’ daily stripped format

60 x celebrity special format


 Daily children's format ... coming soon




 daily quiz show ... coming soon





fact ent format ... coming soon



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